CLIENT: School of Language
BRIEF: Develop a brochure for the School of Language's Spanish course, targeting community minded millennials
Culture and language are such important doorways to open mindedness and being part of the global community. This "global citizen" mindset is almost commonplace amongst younger generations these days, imbued with a sense of responsibility that extends beyond their own actions and indeed, their own borders. 
Embracing this notion of becoming a world citizen, I took on the job of creating and branding a Spanish language brochure for the "School of Language" in London. Borrowing from social media practices of happy, smiley idyllic faces and locations, I paired the approach with bright duotone filters to give the look and feel a young, fresh, peppy vibe. 
The information is presented in a clear, concise, modern way with as much negative space as the page would allow me, letting information and image breathe in what is a relatively small space. The jagged line device links the pages together, invariably appearing in the same spot it terminated on the previous page, in a new colour. Its jagged, energetic shape is inspired by Spanish culture, known for its passion, heart and vivaciousness. 
DISCLAIMER: Concept work for student project
With my approach influenced by "young people living their best lives" on social media, it is natural to develop collateral for the channel that is most widely viewed for this demographic. I designed a number of Instagram tiles, featuring the image treatments developed over the course of the brochure design and including the jagged line graphic representative of the vivid, spunky Spanish culture. 
With translation apps so prevalent these days, I wanted to play with the idea of individual curiosity. Presenting a short statement in another language, provoking interest and offering a resolution on the next tile with a mirrored translation. This approach is taken with more promotion materials, rather than more informative variants but with addition of "Curious?" to each statement allows for a shift in language that is still readable. 
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