Red vs. Blue is a web series created and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions LLC, of which I have been a fan for a very long time. In short, it follows the wild adventures of two opposing groups of "soldiers", using the video game "Halo" as an "engine" for animation. 
Using a series of Halo helmets, over the course of a couple of weekends I resprayed/repainted each helm to match each character from the series - Sarge, Simmons, Grif and Donut for the "Reds" and Washington, Church, Tucker and Caboose for the "Blues". 
I had a ridiculous amount of fun creating these and would one day love to continue to expand the collection. They are currently on display in my home. 
DISCLAIMER: Red vs. Blue belongs entirely to Rooster Teeth Productions LLC and its parent company, I claim no ownership - the following work is not for profit or production, simply a labor of love from a loving fan. Halo and associated imagery is the property of Industry 343.
Painters tape was used to mask off the matte/black elements of each helmet, as well as the reflective visor. Most helmets were sprayed with an undercoat of silver to help drop out the intense khaki of the original paint. Once the undercoat was dry, the final colour was sprayed over the top. 
The grey helmet for "Washington" as seen in the pictures above required a strip of yellow down the centre for finishing, which was applied using acrylic and a square brush. Washington's helmet was the first that I did and is by far my most precious. I applied the final coat of grey in sparing bursts to allow flecks of the undercoat of silver to show through as visual interest. 
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