Finalist - 2020 AGDA Awards
(Student Craft)
BRIEF: Create a poster, cover or jacket for a movie, record or book of your choosing. Key art must be handmade. 
Interstellar is a blockbuster with a soul, and I wanted to create a piece that touched upon the deep-running themes of perspective, impact and connection regardless of distance. 
This handmade project took 8 hours to string, and a further 2 to hang and photograph. In total, 170m of thread, a 600 x 900mm steel lattice cut in two, some sneaky blutak and even sneakier fishing line were used to create the finished piece.​​​​​​​
Once the piece was successfully photographed, it was deconstructed - thankfully at a greater speed than construction. The thread has been donated to my mother's sewing kit and the two pieces of mesh are currently in use as a mini-trellis for newly planted tomatoes in the back garden. 
DISCLAIMER: Concept work for student project
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