Merit award - 2020 AGDA Awards
(Student Campaign)
BRIEF: Create a campaign, inclusive of digital and printed deliverables for a client of your choosing/creation 
I have always had a great love for dogs, but the creation of DogFolk offered me a chance to take that further. During my studies, I was forced to put my beloved border collie of 11 years, Maiko, to sleep. The creation of DogFolk was a wonderfully cathartic meeting between studies and coping with that loss.
DogFolk is a campaign created around the idea of destigmatising adoption, while building a community of like minded dog-lovers or “dog folk” to help dogs resettle into homes rather than run the risk of being sent to a shelter. ​​​​​​​
I wanted to marry the idea of the real and the ideal, trying to visual an individual dog’s “day”. The hand-drawn elements reflect a dog’s innocent wonder. The tone of voice matches that core ideal with playfulness, warmth and support. Heroing the dogs is a fundamental part of this project as, at its core, it is an initiative to protect them. An added benefit of working with dogs as key art, it's really hard to ignore those big, soulful eyes so while I wanted to get the pup's faces nice and big, I wanted to pay as much honour to their character as well. 
The original deliverables that I worked on were a set of posters, and an app.
DISCLAIMER: Concept work for student project
Having had an absolute blast developing the posters and the app, I was eager to roll this campaign out as far as possible. Submissions for feedback were often 100+ pages long with iterations, new collateral and new ideas.
The first is an "Adoption Kit", which is sent to people who have successfully adopted a dog through the DogFolk app, welcoming them to the family while offering as much support and information as possible. The kit contains a welcome letter, a store coupon, an information booklet and a magnetic photo frame with a professional photograph of the adopted pup provided. All of it contained within an attractive C4 envelope with a string tie closure, ideally to be kept and used as a repository for the dog's information.​​​​​​​
The second set of collateral is more dog-focused and ideally found within the DogFolk online store. These were fun items that utilise both the graphic elements and tone of voice developed over the course of the project. Dog bandanas, dog collars and poop bags were what I went with, providing options for each in the brand's purple and orange colour scheme. 
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