BRIEF: Develop a packaging for a product targeting a non-standard audience. Product and audience are student's choice
I like a good challenge, which is why - when presented with the opportunity to pick deliverable AND client, I set myself a bit of a mountain. My selection was Paint. For vikings. Both subjects that I enjoy, but not ones that gel together naturally. 
I came at this from the mindset of viewing Vikings in a more historically accurate light, which meant discarding the socially accepted norm of "barbarian warrior". Vikings were a complex culture of sea-faring traders, artisans, farmers and were about as democratic as an ancient society could be. With this artisinal approach in mind, I opted for a more minimal, artistic, luxurious look that would appeal to their sense of craftsmanship and to their religious sensibilities. 
I crafted marks for each of the Aesir , the Gods worshipped by the Nordic people, that I had chosen to represent in my packaging. Each mark, shape, texture and colour is crafted to best represent that specific Aesir. Each package, includes a short story about it's patron and what users could expect to "receive" through use of the paint.
DISCLAIMER: Concept work for student project
As mentioned, the marks were crafted by me. Using modelling paste, the brightest shade of pink that I could find and a few spare pages in a spare visual arts diary, I set about making the marks using a palette knife, my fingers and a paper towel for curiosity's sake. 
Each mark was replicated a number of times so that I could take bits and pieces and edit them together using Photoshop. Which was also the reason for the pink - high contrast made it much easier to pick up details while editing.
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