Hi there! My name is Lauren Stevens, and I'm a graphic designer with a heart for all things creative and strong experience in brand guardianship, project management, problem solving, working to a deadline, idea generation, briefing and copywriting. 
I've been in the creative game since I before I could walk, but this site marks my fledgling steps into a new frontier. Namely, design. 
In my spare time, I paint, draw, letter and write creatively. Each and every year, I challenge myself to a new "project" to try and stretch my creative self as far as possible. If I'm awake, it generally means I'm making something. It makes sense that I would pursue a career that would not only embrace my personal passions, but fuel them as well. Graphic design may be the newest of my passions, but in the last two years, it's called me to step above and beyond my comfort zone in ways I've never known before. To say that I love it, is an understatement. 
This is what I want to do with my life, and no amount of hard work, long hours, or tricky requests will wipe the smile from my face when doing it. 
You really can love your job.
My portfolio is available as a pdf on request, as well as an example of my work for The Salvation Army - I can either be reached through the Contact form of this website or by emailing braveyrie@gmail.com directly.
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