"52" was a project that I undertook in 2018 as a creative challenge for myself. The goal was to take a one photo a week for an entire year. Initially, I wanted to engage more in photography, even in an amateur capacity but I quickly came to find that the project grew to be much more than simple photos and photography. 
All photos were taken candidly, on a Samsung Galaxy phone. Some where shot out of desperation on Sunday afternoon, others were brilliant moments of sudden interest. But what I found in committing myself to this task, is that I came to "see" more. Every walk to work in the morning became an exciting chance at a new photo - I would see chalk drawings and wall decals and signage that I had never seen before. I visited new places, undertook other projects, tried new and wild dishes - all for the chance to take a photo to encapsulate not only that moment but that week. 
In undertaking "52", I built a record of the entire year through single photos, marking what turned out to be a very eventful year both positively and negatively. I captured the last photo of my grandfather before he passed away, I captured some amazing photos of my dog, Maiko, even more of my family who - once they realised my undertaking - made a point of playing up each image they appeared in. I even captured the moments before I was told that my dream of being a graphic designer was to be a reality. All things that I now look back on and recall with crystal clarity. An entire year, documented in simple, succinct images. 
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